What this site is and isn't
The database is aimed at setters and solvers of The Listener, Inquisitor, Enigmatic Variations, Magpie and Crossword Magazine puzzles. It aims to provide entertainment to solvers and, hopefully, a useful resource for setters to research previous themes. It will answer questions such as:
  • How many puzzles has Grumpy Nuts set and is he still active in the crossword community?
  • When was his last puzzle?
  • Has anyone else used One Foot in the Grave as a theme?

BUT, the database does not hold details of every clue in every puzzle (thank God!). So you cannot use it to solve clues or look up answers to help you complete a current puzzle. If you want these details, you'll have to wait until after the closing date and go to the Fifteen Squared or Listen With Others crossword blogging sites.