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Title Journey
Setter Arcturus
Series The Listener
Number 3770
Date 17/04/2004
Grid The barred grid without symmetry consists of fifteen rows, varying in length from four to fourteen squares. This grid fits within the confines of a larger square that is flush with the topmost and leftmost lines of the grid.
Preamble Across answers are entered normally, but down answers must be enciphered. In this cipher scheme, a letter is substituted by one of a set of possibilities (potentially including itself). Each possible substitute is confirmed at least once by cross-checking. Information will emerge to help you complete the journey, which must be highlighted. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference.
Solution Notes
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The possible substitutes were A=AFI, E=CO, F=K, G=NW, H=X, I=LR, K=T, L=S, N=PU, P=H, R=DEJ, T=MQY, V=B, Y=GV.

The key to the cipher (formed by arranging the original letters in alphabetical order of the substitutes) is "a verray parfit gentil knight", the description of one of the pilgrims in the prologue to The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This suggests a PILGRIMAGE made by knight's moves. All the unchecked letters in the down entries can be enciphered unambiguously with the exception of the N in 1 Down and the R in 17 Down; these signal the start and end squares of the journey corresponding to the approximate locations of London and Canterbury in a grid shaped like the southeast corner of England.

Keywordsa verray parfit gentil knight The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer PILGRIMAGE knights moves southeast corner of England grid
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