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Title The Red-Headed League
Setter Arcturus
Series Magpie
Number Issue 31, no. 2
Date Jun 2005
"More A Grade Puzzles" Implore Editors
Grid 1414 barred grid with 180 symmetry, but omitting twelve squares in each corner.
Preamble "We have twice been deceived by wigs and once by paint." All the down answers are disguised by a misprint in the grid (always becoming real words), collectively forming "The Red-headed League". But this is just a cover for more sinister goings-on. Holmes identifies a start and end point (two clue answers) and deduces what might connect them; solvers must highlight the fifteen squares involved.
Solution Notes
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Initials of down answers in order are replaced by CHESTNUT AUBURN TITIAN. In the story, a pawnbroker (UNCLE) is connected to a BANK by a TUNNEL.
KeywordsCHESTNUT AUBURN TITIAN pawnbroker UNCLE BANK TUNNEL difficulty-B grade-B
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